Monday, 24 July 2017

Cashmere Baby Cardigan

Because every new mother wants a hand wash only cardigan, right?

This cashmere yarn was too lovely not to use though. I got it from the Johnsons of Elgin shop, in Elgin. They bundle up some odds and ends into yarn packs and sell them off in their factory shop. I chose this one because the largest ball was of a size to make something useful. Most of the others had three balls of the same size.

This is the third time I have made this pattern, the Sunnyside Cardigan. I keep coming back to it because I love the one piece knitting of it, and the cable/lace pattern is very effective at showing off some stitches, while keeping the pattern quite simple. I made the smallest size, because I didn't know how much yarn I would have, and it is very small. I have enough yarn left to make a stripe pattern using this blue plus the cream, in a larger size. I just have to think about the stripe placement. And I would probably skip the cables and keep the design plain.

I forgot to reduce the stitches through the sleeves, so they have come out too bell shaped. Sorry.

Cardigan is now blocked and ready to post back to Scotland as a baby gift. (Hand wash only!)

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